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Information posted here is for community interest. Acceptable items are special musical services, concerts or other musical events. Please email information to Premier Music and we will post what is appropriate.

Haymarket Baptist Church, 14800 Washington St., Haymarket, VA (703) 754-8546.
Regular Service - every Sunday at 10:55 am.

For directions and more information go to:


Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 8213 Linton Hall Road, Gainesville, VA (703) 753-6700.

Week-end Mass Schedule: Saturday - 5:30 pm Vigil Mass;  Sunday - 7:00 am Mass; 8:30 am (Traditional Mass); 10:30 am (Contemporary Mass); 12:30 pm Tridentine (Latin) Mass [1st Sunday of each month is High Mass]; 5:00 pm (Contemporary Mass).

For directions and more information go to: http://www.holytrinityparish.net/index.html                                                                            EVERYONE IS WELCOME

                              James H. Westerhouse, Sr., Organist